Without minimum order amount

You can order from the 1- series of goods and above

The widest range

Various categories of clothing, only from high-quality and trusted manufacturers in Turkey

Worldwide shipping

Sending an order from Turkey all over the world, at the lowest prices from the delivery service

How to Place an Order?


Why do entrepreneurs in the fashion world choose
and become partners for many years?


WORLD MODA DAYS is your trusted partner in wholesale purchases of clothing from Turkey and a link between manufacturers for any budget. We have a wide range of high-quality clothing of various collections from brands that meet the needs of your target audience in stores. On our platform you will find all the current fashion trends in women's, men's and kids' clothing




Delivery from all brands in one package and no minimum order amount

We are aware of additional shipping costs by ordering the product ourselves from various manufacturing brands. With us, you only pay for one delivery to your door. We collect your order from manufacturers and send everything in one parcel. In this case, you have the opportunity to profitably cooperate with several clothing manufacturers from Turkey at once. And since there is no minimum order amount or quantity, you can purchase one series from each manufacturer. This way you can try new manufacturers without risking your budget


Wide range of products


We cooperate with 100+ proven wholesale clothing brands from Turkey. That gives you the opportunity to choose the product that suits you and not intersect with competitors. Offering your customers products that your competitors don't have is critical to the success of a boutique.
WORLD MODA DAYS brings together unique Turkish wholesale clothing manufacturers on one online platform. We are chosen and purchased by entrepreneurs in the fashion world, owners of chain stores, showrooms, boutiques and marketplaces from all over the world


No risks or additional fees


Often while working with buyers and suppliers, you run the risk of not receiving the goods or pay additional costs for the trade margin, interest and commissions for services. There are no hidden fees on our platform, you can see all your expenses on the payment page when placing an order, and your rights are protected by an official distance sales agreement. Due to the transparency of the transaction, you can fully see your expenses and be sure of the safety of your funds.


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